Alternosfera is an alternative rock band from Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova.

The history of post-Soviet rock in the Republic of Moldova is a concise one. Since 1991, only a few bands (e.g. Zdob si Zdub), managed to occupy solid positions on the show-business arena of the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Alternosfera first rehearsed with their full lineup on December 13, 1998. Their first concert was on November 23, 1999 in Chisinau. In 2001, the band did their first demo recordings in Chisinau, followed by more demo recordings in 2002 in Bucharest, Romania.

Both the lineup and musical direction have changed over time, as the band reached maturity and developed their own approach to alternative rock, with the keyboards "carrying" the entire tune. Their lyrics are most often about love, but also have social and political connotations. Alternosfera sound is unique on the Moldovan market at the moment, their influences varying from 80's motifs to the Seattle alternative rock of the '90s.

Marcel Bostan's voice is rich in modulation, having a well-developed and thoroughly practised lyric line and also the ability to go very "high".[citation needed] Their specific melodiousness is also partly due to the fact that most songs have the classic piano "lead"..

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